Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Heartland Dental Care - A Dissent

From the Internet:

They are not what they seem.
With all of this warm fuzzy propaganda about placed on this site about Heartland mostly by Heartland non dentist employees or dentists who have never worked for them, I think it is time for a different point of view to be heard.
You all should know that Heartland Dental is not a wonderful place to work or to try to emulate.
They will gladly fire doctors for not producing the desired amount of dentistry or doing everything their way. Just ask the dentists they let go. There are plenty of them out there. That is why they recruit heavily from dental schools. The younger dentists need jobs and have a lot of debt. They work for 2 to 3 years with them, then wise up and leave. Additionally, they send former assistants to the offices and if they catch you doing a MODB restoration. God help you. They are on the phone to report you, because that is NOT the Heartland Way. Then you would get a call from one of the lackeys saying "We do not do "Alphabet fillings at Heartland," so Dr. don't do that again."
And it does not matter if your clinical training and education tells you that was the best restoration for that situation. You do it their way all the time, no exceptions or you hit the highway. If you continue to practice dentistry your dental school trained way, then you recieve more phone calls from progressively more important lackeys without dental school educations who tell you to shape up or ship out!
Its true. If you do not believe it, find dentists who use to work there AND are now out on their own. Ask around.
I worked for three dental groups in different areas of the country before finding where I wanted to live and some groups treat you very well, while others will call you out on the carpet if you do not diagnose 70% of your patients with periodontal disease. What if most of your patients were kids or young adults that month? It does NOT matter! That is Not the Heartland Way.
Also, when I left Heartland I found out that they did not pay me my percentage of collections as they were supposed to do. But, I had already heard that from other doctors who left before me so there was no surprise.
Before you go to work with them make sure you have looked at starting or buying your own practice or becoming a partner. They are much better options. I truly wish I had started my own practice earlier. I work less and make five times as much money. My private practice collected 1.5 million last year. Second year in private practice. Heartland likes to tell you that independent dental practices are not a good option for you. They tell you that you should do the dentistry their way and leave the managing and the majority of the profits to them. That is nonsense! Managing your own practice is not neurosurgery. It just takes common sense and treating people by the Golden Rule. Be right rather than focusing on being rich and the money Will come to you, and you will fill better about the way you earned it.
At the very least if you have to work for Heartland because there seems to be no other options coming out of dental school, just use Heartland as a stepping stone and have a lawyer review your contract and do not agree to 25 mile noncompete clauses.
Workman once asked me if I would rather be rich or right. He said he would rather be rich. I told him I would rather be both. He did not like my answer. It does not matter now, because now I am both. And you can and will be if you choose to be both too. Your future is very bright and you DO NOT need Heartland to have it!
Don't buy all that propaganda.
Caveat Emptor

Sooooo... what say you dentists? Did Heartland and Rick Workman treat you right or wrong?


  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Heartland tooth butchers. As a patient, this is very scary. Talk about getting it up your you know what with a you know what.

  2. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I agree, I work for a Heartland office and this is all true!! I don't believe it's right but....it's a job....