Friday, January 07, 2005

Creative @ CES - The Zen Wireless Headset

Creative @ CES - The Zen Wireless Headset - Engadget -

Check it: Yesterday we got Creative to show us the new Zen Wireless Headset they’re working on. We’re know what you’re (probably) thinking, that these are another pair of Bluetooth headphones, but for these Creative decided to go with Aura Communications’ near-field technology, which uses magnetic induction rather than radio frequency to transmit sound (and in fact there was an announcement about their partnership back in July). We only got to play with a prototype, but the sound was excellent and only really started to degrade when we moved the Zen Micro more than about five feet away from the headphones. The Zen Micro had a sled-like thing around it for all the magnetic induction stuff, but we’re pretty sure they’re planning to eventually build all that right into the players. They couldn’t tell us a thing about price of availability, but it’ll happen soooner or later this year. Click for a couple more action shots.

UPDATE: Oof! Forgot to mention that the plan is to offer these in all of the different Zen Micro colors.

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