Monday, January 24, 2005

Hillary on Abortion

Mover Mike has a great post on Hillary moving to the center:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton moves to center: Senator Clinton Speaks of 'Common Ground' on Abortion calling for new thinking on the subject , Hillary says she still favors Roe v Wade, but respects those who oppose abortion completely. The focus should be on the number of unwanted pregnancies and the church has been very effective teaching abstainance.
At one point, for instance, she drew gasps from some in the audience by mentioning that 7 percent of American women who do not use contraception account for 53 percent of all unintended pregnancies.
I haven't gone weak kneed on her, I recognize she is power seeking and needs to convince people that she is reasonable. I think she will also home in on the issue of illegal aliens moving across our borders as chronicled by Michelle Malkin

Writing of Ms. Malkin, her latest post attacks the statistics of Hillary who claimed that abortions have gone up under President Bush.

(note to the NYT, I spelled her whole name out in the lead. I know how fussy you are for accuracy.)

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