Saturday, January 08, 2005

Howard Farran speaks about Dental Town

From the internet and Dental Town:

On January 8, 2005 at 9:47:25 AM 'howard' posted....

I think DentalTown is a huge social experiment in progress. Have you noticed that when you were a little child any person living next door to you that was your same age and sex was your friend? You wanted to spend the night with them and vice versa. Every year you get older you grow more complex and society forces more norms down your throat. By the time you are 40 years old you look down your street and you find you don’t know the names of every man around your age.

When I was ten years old I never even had to knock when going over to about three different friends houses on my block; today I couldn’t imagine walking into any house on my block without knocking.

The observation expressed by many scores of Townies is that when you meet online you are not burdened with the social complexities of sex, age, religion, color, creed, red State, blue State, and you go straight to the issue. You all have something very important to you in common, your chosen profession. As you communicate back and forth you begin to really know and like many others based on their beliefs and attitudes about your in common chosen profession.

By the time you meet this person in the flesh, you already have a strong social bond with this person. Non physical interative internet communication is without a doubt a higher form of social interaction that is not burdened with 10,000 years of social complexity. This is truly amazing.

On this note, we hired our second fulltime programmer 11-29-04 to help Ken. Thank you Gina for noticing all of’s other features. Ken, Jon and I would really love to know what additional features, or changes and modifications to existing features, would you love to have programmed. Please prioritize them most important to least important.

Please try to focus on the social needs, wants, and fears of the lurkers who are 85% of this site and repeatedly tell me at every lecture I give that they are afraid to post and get ripped apart.

Please try to focus on John Kanca’s repeated request that anonymous posters should not be able to say negative things about someone.

In answer to this thread’s original question by Jason Luchtefeld, “What is it about DentalTown that has made it explode as THE online dental community?”

The answer is you guys for sure! There would never be a dentaltown without the posters! The posters would not perform as well without the 20,000 lurkers per month reading their posts. You all built this city and it is a privilege to serve you all to the best of my abilities!

Zach was two scrambled eggs and mama is still sleeping… so I gotta go……


Oh, please Howard.... tell it like it really is!

You are a money making corporation like Pennwell who publishes an advertisement laden proprietary magazine. Dental Town is merely an extension.


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