Monday, February 21, 2005

Estrich vs. Kinsley (and the L.A. Times)

Justin Levine over at Calblog has a good piece on the war between University of Southern California Law Professor Susan Estrich and Michael Kinsley, Editorial Editor of the Los Angeles Times.

"Patterico notes that Susan Estrich has joined the L.A. Times bias watch with a new blog.

What some readers might not realize is that Estrich's site seems to be a salvo in an increasingly personal war between Estrich and LA Times' editor Michael Kinsley.

This is why I predict that Estrich's site won't amount to much. It pretends to be railing against an institution, but it is probably just a temporary niche-blog that was likely created as a way to gripe about a personal spat over Kinsley's decision not to run specific pieces/authors that Estrich champions.

I'd be happy to be proven wrong though."

Estrich's site is located here.

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