Friday, February 04, 2005

Guest Worker Program

Eric Hogue, a Sacramento radio talk show host opines on President Bush's Guest Worker Program:

Some simple talking points on the "Guest Worker Program".

I was happy to listen to Tom Sullivan (1530 KFBK) offering his support of the President's "Guest Worker Program" this afternoon on his radio show. Nice to hear some intelligent discussion surrounding this issue opposite of my show on 1380 KTKZ.

I'm tired of the 'banging of the pots and the pans' for ratings and attention - it will cost the Republican elections in the future, then we hand over to the Democrats this all important issue. Careful of those you listen to and follow to Washington DC...there is more to this issue than just driver's license and saying 'No' to everything.

I was also encourage to read that Congressman Dan Lungren (he's on the show in the morning at 8AM) has thrown his support behind the "Guest Worker Program" as well. People are beginning to understand that SOMETHING has to be done - it is a singular step in the right direction.

I've also been encouraged by the Senior Editor of the Sacramento Union, Ken Grubbs and my partner in Salem Radio Talk, Hugh Hewitt - they both get this issue (national problem) at it's core. Congressman Issa is supportive, Congressman Rohrbacher and Pombo are still at odds over the concept, but we are ALL talking about the plan on the show. Intelligent talk radio; no "Tick Tock McLaughlin banging of the pots and the pans" for attention on KTKZ.

Let me address some of my discussion rules before we get started here. What I'm supporting is the "Guest Worker Program"; this is NOT to say that I don't support other measures like border security, strength or concerns surrounding items like the California driver's license. Let me separate some topics for this discussion.

When we discuss the "Guest Worker Program" we are NOT talking about the border(s).

I think we ALL agree that the borders need to be strengthened. In the end, the debate surrounding the "Guest Worker Program" may help this issue, but it is not directly related. In the end there will be a deal made; "you get the "Guest Worker", we get fortified borders". Good!

It might be the deal maker or breaker, but let's keep them separate for the discussion of the merits of the "Guest Worker Program".

We also need top separate the driver's license issue from the "Guest Worker Program".

There should be no driver's license for those who are NOT legal citizens of California (USA), but if you are a VISA, Green Card or the new "Guest Worker", you will need a means of transportation. Passing a test, acquiring auto insurance and a document that is NOT legal Driver's License needs to be determined.

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