Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Is Wednesday the day for new iPods?

Engadget reports that tomorrow may be the big day for Apple to announce the new iPods:

Everyone seems pretty sure that tomorrow is going to be the big day when Apple unloads a mess of new iPods on us, and it’s seeming increasingly likely that whatever changes they’re making to the lineup involve the iPod photo in a big way. So far the iPod photo has been more or less a disappointment for Apple—they haven’t sold nearly as well as expected, and they definitely haven’t generated anywhere close to the buzz of the iPod shuffle—but it looks like Apple might be sweetening the deal, and we’re not just talking about a price cut, either. Gary Johnson, the CEO of PortalPlayer (the company which makes the chipset found in the iPod and iPod photo), has been talking to CNET about a bunch of new features his company is adding to their technology, like the ability for an MP3 player to connect directly to a digital camera to copy over photos (which sounds like some sort of USB-On-The-Go capability) or to a printer so you can make prints. He’s not saying that these are going to definitely though he’s not saying that these are going to surface in some future iPod photo, but he also not saying that they’re not, either. An Apple spokesperson reportedly had no comment.

We can only hope!

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