Friday, February 18, 2005

Nevada Senator Wants to Eliminate UNLV Dental School

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Nevada Senator Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas said "The state could save more than $23 million over the next two years by eliminating the dental school at UNLV and sending the students to other schools."

"It was originally sold to the Legislature as not costing us anything and the price tag has continued to escalate," Beers said. "It's not nearly a cost-effective way to create dentists as the WICHE program."

In the WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) program, the state financially helps Nevada students get into out-of-state professional schools such as optometry, veterinary medicine and physical therapy.

Beers, during a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee Monday, asked Ron Sparks, the Nevada director of the WICHE program, to determine how much would be saved if the dental school in Las Vegas was eliminated and the students got grants to go to out-of-state dentistry schools.

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Is this a little political payback rhetoric since Beers defeated former State Senator Rawson, the founder of the UNLV dental School, in the last election?

I doubt the legislature will reverse course this early - especially with the population growth of Nevada.

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