Saturday, February 26, 2005

Nikon's Top Dog Arrives

Oh Man!

Check out Nikon's latest and greatest digital camera:

"In February 2001, Nikon introduced to the world the D1X – a six-megapixel, three FPS, nine-frame buffer digital SLR. For the next three and a half years or so, it has remained the top professional body in Nikon’s DSLR offerings. Even when the competition released DSLRs that brought the megapixel-count past the single digit threshold, Nikon remains unmoved. Sure, in late November 2002, Nikon offered a memory module upgrade for the D1X to increase image-buffering performances (from nine JPEG Large images to 21 and six NEF images to 14), but shooting speed remained the same. Rumors of a D1X successor have been floating ever since 2002, but nothing ever materialized.

Zoom closer to the present timeline in September 2004, Nikon finally announced the long anticipated heir to the throne that D1X has been occupying for so long. The aptly named D2X is Nikon's first digital camera to go past the 10-megapixel count. As a professional body, you wouldn't think that Nikon is satisfied with offering users a mere megapixel bump. A new sensor, improved technologies, and some rather interesting features and implementations place the D2X on a podium like no other. Finally on 24th February 2005, it is launched officially in Singapore amidst much fanfare. Join us as we bring you on a tour de force on this latest star of the digital SLR arena."

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