Saturday, February 26, 2005

Nomad Portable X-ray Device

I ran across this device over at Gizmodo:

KUTV in Utah has an article on ARIBA X-Ray, Inc.’s new portable x-ray system, uninspiringly-named the NOMAD. Completely cordless, it allows for more than 100 exposures on a single battery charge, letting you conveniently cancerfy your molars anytime, anywhere. The device is still awaiting approval from the FDA, but the article reports that the inventor “says he can’t get FDA approval on the device until he can prove it’s safe and does not release radiation.” It features a backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding to protect the operator, but obviously some leaks could happen, in theory. It’s currently being used in Phuket, Thailand to identify victims of the tsunami. The FDA may have a decision by July, and if granted approval, the devices will sell for $6,800 each.

Utah Devices Used to ID Tsunami Victims in Asia [KUTV via Medgadget]
Product Page [ARIBA]

The Ariba website is located here.

Add this with digital phosphor plates and/or sensors and we have a great new in-office dental diagnostic system. But, the applications off-site are even greater.

Read about its application in the third world here.

Cool device and looking forward to FDA approval in July.

H/T Gizmodo

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