Friday, February 11, 2005

Norway wants to ban copying songs from a CD to an MP3 player

Norway, you are so letting us down. The Norwegian government has proposed a new copyright law that would make it legal to make a backup copy of CD (or DVD) for personal use, but would illegalize rippings those same songs into MP3s for transfer onto a digital audio player (the law would allow you to only make a copy to the same medium). Besides being silly, the law would be completely impossible to enforce, since it’s not like people hardly ever rip CDs anywhere except the privacy of their home (or maybe their office). The Norwegian recording industry, of course, is thrilled.

UPDATE: A few Norwegian readers have written in that the law only applies to copy protected CDs (and DVDs), not regular ones. Not that that is any better....

Good Grief...what next.... TIVO's outlawed?

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