Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cerec 3D at Costco? Wal-Mart next?

Flap has previously discussed the Sirona Patterson CAD/CAM Cerec 3D System:

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Now comes this from Dental Town (free registration required, password = occlusal):

Scdoc posts:

"I just wanted to follow up with a conversation with Dr. Mark Morin at the Cerec conference. He told me that Costco, yes you read that correctly, Costco is now in the works at a Washington DC store testing the Cerec 3d to be placed in their stores. This is being tested now and Mark said he expects them to go national with this thing in a few months. They will pay a salaried dentist to over see the restorations and possible will charge $399. This is why I'm buying a Cerec to get ahead of the 7/11 store crowns. What's next Costco heart surgeries?
Wal-Mart already markets their Lasik and Sam's Club is watching this Costco test market with anticipation as well."
Well this is not surprising!

I mean if the chop shop dental offices in the mall or shopping center near you can do $20 laboratory processed crowns made in Costa Rica or the Phillipines than why not chop shop Cerecs in-house.

Ahhhhhh I can see the lawsuits fly now.

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  1. I would expect costco to hire the same dentists that the mexican clinics hire. They are not interested in quality-rather volume-so who should be surprised when the arizona republic writes an article encouraging americans to head south of the border for dental care. We would not think of drinking the water but please stick a dental implant in my jaw!!!