Friday, March 18, 2005

The Dental Town AMEN Choir Weighs IN!

I am off today to drill so blogging will be light.

For your amusement go over to Dental Town (registration required, password = occlusal) and check out this thread here.

They call Joel Eichen and Flap such names..... and why? And then why lie about their rationale for doing so? More on this later.

Rod Kurthy and Sameer Puri should know better! But, they don't!

By the way, I bet the thread will be deleted sometime today, Friday - so go over there soon!!

Update #1 Well it is Friday night and the thread has not been deleted yet. We return to regular blogging and will get back to the Dental Town and FLAP as events warrant. Sameer Puri and Rod Kurthy are just sore at the Flapster and Joelster for calling them out for the buffons they are at Dental Town and DentalCom.

Rod is sore because I reported on and posted his Deep Bleaching Technique.... which by the way he sells for hundreds of dollars in his books but is scoffed at by most dentists as huckstersim.

And Sameer is mad because of the two graphics below which Flap did not make but will reproduce here for all readers to pounder.

More on this topic later.

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