Saturday, March 26, 2005

Kyung Lah Firing Update

Updated Commentary Link for this story is at Flap's new blog site: here.

It seems there is now a FLAP regarding the breaking news of the three firings of KNBC reporters which was reported here.

LA Observed has an update:

Folo on KNBC firings

Friday's New York Post Page Six picks up the story we had Tuesday on the three KNBC news staffers fired over an affair that somehow broke station rules. No mention in the Post that the story originated with, but there is a headline screaming "3 Axed in TV Sex Scandal." Instead, the gossip page credits it all to a column at the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, which does attribute most of what it knows to Fineman. The column by Richard Prince adds some perspective from the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and names axed reporter Kyung Lah's husband.

* Claiming credit: Another pay site that covers television, FTVLive, makes a good case to me in email that it posted the KNBC gossip several hours before Fineman.

My Oh My this story is getting alot of play.

I guess Sex gossip sells.......DUH!

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