Thursday, March 31, 2005

Socialized Dentistry U.K Style

I had to pull out seven of my own teeth, Mr Blair

A pensioner told Tony Blair how she had to pull out seven of her teeth because she could not find an NHS dentist.

Part-time cleaner Valerie Holsworth made the extraordinary revelation as the Prime Minister faced questions from members of the public during a live TV broadcast.

She said she preferred to remove her rotten teeth than to suffer in agony.

"It would be nice for somebody to take them out properly for me," she told Mr Blair.

The 65-year old mother of seven said afterwards she had pulled out four of her teeth with her husband John's pliers and three with her fingers.

"I've been in so much pain but I've not been able to find myself an NHS dentist because the waiting lists are full," she said. "Where I live, you can only get on the list if someone dies or takes themselves off it voluntarily..."

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Good Grief!

What a failed health system!

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