Friday, March 11, 2005

Study Finds Direct Association Between Cardiovascular Disease and Periodontal Bacteria

Indeed, Indeed!!  

BALTIMORE, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Researchers report this week that
older adults who have higher proportions of four periodontal-disease-causing
bacteria inhabiting their mouths also tend to have thicker carotid arteries, a
strong predictor of stroke and heart attack.
An investigative team of researchers from the University of Minnesota
(Minneapolis) and Columbia University (New York City) presented their findings
today at the 83rd General Session of the International Association for Dental
Research, convening at the Baltimore Convention Center. As first reported in
the journal Circulation, this is the first report of a direct association
between cardiovascular disease and bacteria involved in periodontal disease,
inflammation of the gums that affects an estimated 200 million Americans to
various degrees.
The researchers collected an average of seven dental plaque samples from
657 subjects (60% female; 56% Hispanic, 23% African-American, 18% Caucasian,
3% Other; average age 69 years). They will re-examine the same group in less
than three years, to evaluate the progression of atherosclerosis (heart
disease). They measured both diseased and healthy sites for the presence of 11
oral bacteria -- four widely regarded to be involved in causing periodontal
disease, and the other seven serving as controls. Then, for evaluation of
their cardiovascular health, the participants received a carotid intima-media
thickness (IMT) measurement and provided a blood sample to determine their C-
reactive protein levels. C-reactive protein has been reported to be elevated
in people with periodontal disease, and recent studies found that testing for
this protein may be predictive of developing heart disease.
The scientists found that the higher the levels of the periodontal-
disease-causing bacteria, the more likely people were to have thicker carotid

This is a summary of abstract #1410, by M. Desvarieux and co-workers, from
the University of Minnesota and Columbia University, to be presented at 10
a.m. on Friday, March 11, 2005, in Room 327 of the Baltimore Convention
Center, during the 83rd General Session of the International Association for
Dental Research.

SOURCE International and American Associations for Dental
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