Tuesday, March 22, 2005

U. K. Labour Party fails the public on dentistry

The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom has posted this piece on their website:

Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has promised that a new Conservative government will restore NHS dentists to the nation's high streets.

He made the pledge after Labour admitted that state dental services are in "crisis", following a huge rush among the public to sign up with a Spanish dentist who joined a practice in Spalding Lincolnshire. More than 1,500 people queued for up to seven hours to register with 23 year old Jimena Colino, who is due to start work as an NHS dentist in a few days time.

Speaking after Labour Health Minister Stephen Ladyman claimed the Government was already tackling the "crisis in dentistry", Mr Lansley commented: "Five years ago Mr Blair promised everyone would have access to an NHS dentist by 2001. Forward four years, the situation has got worse and all we get is talk about improvements."

He added: "Because Labour failed to agree a new contract with the profession, dentists are voting with their feet."

Mr Lansley told conservatives.com: "Today, fewer people are registered with an NHS dentist than 7 years ago. The Conservatives' policy will bring NHS dentists back to the high street. It offers patients access to their dentist either free of all charges or on an affordable basis. It has been welcomed by the profession."

Conservative proposals include matching Labour's commitments on increased funding for dentistry; paying dentists for each registered patient as opposed to each treatment, encouraging them to register more NHS patients; and training more dentists, by inviting bids from dental schools wanting to expand their facilities.

It seems the Conservative Party solution to the socialized National Health Service Dentistry is more government spending and gurantees.

The conservatives should put forward a plan to privatize the dental care delivery system in Britain and provide vouchers for the truely indigent, poor and aged.

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