Friday, April 08, 2005

Wendy's diner finds human finger in her chili - REDUX

Flap previously reported on the LOST finger here.

However, it appears to be a hoax or worse a fraud.

Michelle Malkin has it here:

"The lady who says she bit into a severed human finger tip while eating chili at a Wendy's restaurant has a troubling history of filing lawsuits--including a case against another fast-food restaurant. Meanwhile, cops are continuing the search for the finger tip's owner, including an investigation of the accuser's home. Now, she's whining that law enforcement officials trying to get to the bottom of the case are treating her family like "terrorists or something."

The story has provided a lot of late-night comedy fodder. But to Wendy's, which suffered a sharp sales decline after the incident was reported, getting fingered by a serial litigant is no joke."

Well, has a humorous story has turned out to be a serious misrepresentation?

But, from hence came the finger? DNA database anyone?

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