Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Barack Obama Up By 8 Over Hillary, Even With McCain But Trails in Electoral College

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Graphic courtesy of electoral-vote.com

Today’s Presidential polls show Barack Obama leading in the popular vote polls for the Democrat nomination.


  • Obama - 46%
  • Hillary - 43%

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Obama 46% Clinton 43% (see recent daily results). Clinton leads by thirteen points among White voters including a twenty-seven point advantage among White Women. Obama leads among White Men, has an overwhelming advantage among African-Americans, and a solid lead among voters under 50. Among Democrats, Clinton leads by seven. Among unaffiliated voters likely to participate in a Democratic Primary, Obama leads by a two-to-one margin.


  • Obama - 51%
  • Hillary - 43%

This is the fourth consecutive Gallup Poll Daily tracking report showing Obama with a statistically significant lead. It marks the first time since late February that either Clinton or Obama has sustained a statistically significant lead in the race for more than two consecutive days. (To view the complete trend since Jan. 2, 2008, click here.)

In the general election match-ups, although national poll numbers are close, there is a decided advantage to John McCain in the Electoral College. The Obama vs McCain map is above and the Hillary vs. McCain map is below.


Graphic courtesy of electoral-vote.com

The numbers favor the GOP’s John McCain in the state by state match-up and Hillary Clinton decidedly matches-up better against McCain than Obama.

But, do you hear ANY of this in the MSM?

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