Monday, August 11, 2008

Tony Strickland Watch: "United"

Tony Strickland for California State Senate television ad - "United"

Tony Strickland, the GOP nominee for California's 19th State Senate District, is "on air" with his first television ad. Entitled "United" it will air during the Olympic games throughout the state senate district.

The script:

Uniting on the global stage restores our pride and reminds us that America's at its greatest when we face challenges together.

Today, our dependence on foreign oil threatens our economy and affects all of us.

I'm Tony Strickland.

Through innovation, we'll transform California to a renewable, energy-efficient economy, create higher-paying jobs, lower energy prices, and improve our environment.

Energy independence. We can do it and we will do it together.

I'm Tony Strickland.

A good solid ad touting Strickland's background in the renewable energy field to help solve America's dependence on foreign oil.

Tony Strickland has mad a good start but will have to raise much more to pay for media. When you get a chance go here and send Tony a few bucks.

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