Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gnatus Announces an Advanced Dental Lamp

Gnatus chairside

The Gnatus Dental Lamp LED Plus has been announced.

Philips Lumileds announced today that Gnatus, a leading dental equipment manufacturer, has released a LUXEON-based dental lamp that is the first in the industry to use solid-state lighting technology. The new Gnatus Dental Lamp LED Plus overcomes the inconveniences associated with conventional halogen models, including short bulb life, high power usage and spillover light that has in some cases prompted dentists to supply patients with sunglasses, while also offering significant advantages for dental care.
While interesting and an improvement on traditional overhead dental chair lights, Flap is seeing a de-emphasis on this type of lighting with an emphasis on dentist direct lighting via light attached loupes or operating microscope.

So, the marketability for an expensive overhead dental light may be limited.


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