Thursday, January 06, 2011

Allcare Dental Patients in Wisconsin Have an Option

It is the NWTC Dental Clinic.

A dental clinic that serves low income patients welcomes those who were treated by the now closed Allcare Dental & Dentures.

NWTC's dental clinic provides dental care to those on medicaid or other public assistance. Last year the clinic had over 900 patient visits.

The clinic offers basic dental care and some restorative procedures like crowns. College officials say it's just not equipped to meet other dental needs.

"Some of the things Allcare did, unfortunately, we don't do like dentures or partials or bridges. But we can help people if they're in a higher level of dental pain due to either severe decay or abscess," Scott Anderson, NWTC Associate Dean for Allied Health.
The NWTC dental clinic website is here.

It is unfortunate that this dental clinic does not perform removable prosthetics e.g. dentures. However, if a patient is in pain, there is at least an option for the patient.

I think we will see more opportunities for patients from the dental community to step in for the failed Allcare Dental. Now, receiving remuneration for patients who have prepaid for dental care - that will be a different story.