Friday, January 14, 2011

Heartland Dental Reaching Out to Allcare Dental Patients

Heartland Dental, a Midwestern corporate dental company is reaching out to patient's of the failed Allcare Dental.
Heartland Dental Care, Inc’s. locations are reaching out to help patients affected by the nationwide closing of Allcare Dental.  Effective immediately, patients affected by the Allcare Dental closings can take advantage of free exam and x-rays at their local Heartland Dental Care locations.

Free exams and x-rays will be offered to Allcare Dental patients, regardless of their situation for the next 60 days, at participating locations. If you are in pain and in need of help, Heartland Dental Care offices will evaluate and take care of your needs same-day to relieve your pain. 

“Our community centric dentists and their teams truly empathize with how these patients must feel,” said Patrick C. Bauer, Chief Operations Officer at Heartland Dental Care. “Our dental offices contacted us first thing Monday morning when the news broke about Allcare Dental to ask what they could do to help the patients in their communities. At that point we decided we needed to open our doors immediately to accommodate these patients’ dental needs.”

Heartland Dental Care offices are committed to lifetime dental care and believe good oral health is integral to overall health.  Heartland Dental Care hopes their donation of free exams and x-rays to Allcare Dental patients will help patients in their dental communities achieve their dental health goals.

Multiple Heartland Dental locations will be offering Allcare Dental patients free exams and x-rays for the next 60 days.  Some restrictions may apply; for a list of participating locations and restrictions, patients can visit Heartland Dental Care and their locations are not affiliated in any way with Allcare Dental practices nor the Allcare Dental Management Corporation.
Not really a great deal, the free x-rays and exam. But, I suppose it is better than nothing.

There will be a sales pitch on what treatment needs exist and if the patient can withstand that, then there is some value in the offer.

Again, Heartland Dental, unless they purchase Allcare Dental (which they could) will not be able to refund any money that has previously been paid or complete any in-treatment services.

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