Monday, March 14, 2011

The Extra Mile - Galloway Edition Podcast Coming in April

As most of my readers know, I am an avid Jeff Galloway disciple as well as an Extra Mile Podcast listener. Alice got me hooked last year after I walked my sixth Los Angeles Marathon and she ran/walk/ran hers.

Before the LA Marathon I noticed she began listening to this podcast with this guy running and breathing heavy - Kevin. I listened in a bit and then she mentioned Jeff Galloway - specifically his run to 100 strategy. I started listening to the Extra Mile Podcast - Experiment and later the Extra Mile Podcast regular edition.

I listened some more and while I trained through the summer of 2010 with the Los Angeles Running Club, I was continuing to walk. My next race was the Disneyland Half Marathon and guess who was a featured speaker = Jeff Galloway.

During the Disneyland Expo I listened to Jeff at one of his talks and asked him a beginner's question. He was very gracious in his answer, and explained in detail his run/walk/run method to me.

I was hooked, devoured his website, subscribed to his e-mail newsletter and bought a few of Jeff's books. I learned.

Next Sunday, I return to the Los Angeles Marathon and this time I will be run/walk/running the race. I may not be fast but am confidant of another finish - injury free.

I will definitely have company with me along the race course Sunday - Jeff and Kevin. Thanks guys!

Readers stay tuned as the spring running season begins with their newest podcast series: The Extra Mile Podcast, Galloway Edition. Also, available on i-tunes. Here is the Facebook page.

And, who knows, maybe I will call into the show with my race report.

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