Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Florida Suspends License of Dentist Who Fought 85 Year Old Patient Over Her Dentures

Dr. Michael Hammonds

Remember the Flap.

And, it was an emergency suspension order at that.
State officials have suspended the license of a Deltona dentist who got into a scuffle with an elderly patient in late May.

The Florida Department of Health has issued an emergency suspension order for Michael Hammonds, 57, who operates Elkcam Dental in Deltona. State officials cited several issues in the emergency order, including using illegal force or violence upon an elderly patient and failing to meet minimum standards of performance in diagnoses and treatment. The board also noted that "this type of behavior by a professional toward his elderly patients is not within the norm for accepted treatment."

In late May, Hammonds was arrested after a fight with an 85-year-old patient. He was accused of false imprisonment, grand theft, battery on a person over 65 years old and assault on a person over 65 years old.

The patient told police the fight started when she became upset over an adjustment he made to her dentures. She demanded a refund and flung the dentures at the dentist. The argument turned physical, and the woman was injured when she tried to get the dentures back from Hammonds, police said. She told police she bit the dentist to make him let go of her.
With this dentist's past history,  I will be very surprised if his dental license is not permanently revoked.

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