Saturday, September 10, 2011

2012 Los Angeles Marathon: Los Angeles Roadrunners Expo

LA Roadrunners Banner

It was Alice and my first day back training for the Los Angeles Marathon in March 2012 today. We will be training with the Los Angeles Roadrunners, as we have for the past two seasons in Venice, California.

After running six miles from Santa Monica to Venice and back, we drove down to Westminster School for the Expo. Training will begin next week.

Here are some photos from the Expo:

Mary, Peggy and Nancy

Mary, Peggy and Nancy the Pace Leaders for Walt's Run/Walk 5 Group

We didn't listen to any of the excellent speakers since we arrived late (after our run) but we did make it outside for the exhibitors.

Tara and alice with shoes 2

Tara and Alice doing what they do best = Shoe Shopping

Here is Nancy looking at one of the charities for the Los Angeles Marathon. They protect kittens.

Nancy and kittens

We are looking forward to training beginning next week.

Tara,Michael and Alice

Tara, Actor, Michael Sorich and Alice

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