Friday, September 30, 2011

Dental Patient Murders Dentist Over Treatment Dispute

Over Scaling and root planing?
SOUTH Korean police said today they have arrested a man who stabbed his dentist to death after a year-long row over unsatisfactory treatment.

The 56-year-old dentist, identified only by his surname Yoo, was stabbed about 10 times at his clinic in the city of Osan, south of Seoul, an investigator at the nearby Hwasung Dongbu police station said.

The 31-year-old patient, surnamed Kim, complained to Yoo for over a year that scaling work on his teeth had been defective, the investigator said on condition of anonymity.

But Yoo refused to provide additional treatment, saying everything was done properly the first time.

When Kim visited the clinic again on Wednesday to repeat his complaints, Yoo pushed him away and the ex-patient stabbed the dentist repeatedly.
Dentists, do yourself a favor and redo the treatment or refund the patient their money.

Life is much too short..... and definitely short for this dentist who was DEAD right.

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