Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why It Is Difficult to Choose a Dental Laboratory

Choosing a dental laboratory or laboratories for the dentist has never been harder but more important. Dentistry is more complex today.

So, how do you choose a dental laboratory, if you are a dentist? On what criteria, do you base your choice? Or, do you make multiple choices?

There are so many categories of dental services that are offered by the modern, American dental laboratory.

Some include:

  • Traditional crown and bridge - fixed prostheses
  • CAD/CAM fixed prostheses
  • Implant prostheses
  • Traditional removable prostheses - dentures and overdentures

Yet, there are many subcategories and specialized services like those at these dental labs in phoenix.

  • Implant Surgical/CT Scan guides
  • Hard Night Guards (SR Ivocap Injected)
  • DuraFlex Flexible Partial Dentures
  • CAD/CAM Titanium Implant bars

How do you choose?

Customer service also plays a role.

  • How will the dental laboratory pick-up and deliver your cases? Are they timely?
  • Does the dental laboratory provide emergency and rush service? Do they charge an exorbitant amount?
  • How about turn around time? Saturday or Sunday service? You don't want to keep your patients waiting.

Of course, the price of the dental prosthesis is also important. Is sales tax charged? Or, is it the dentist's responsibility to keep track? Will the state where the prosthesis is made charge you sales tax and what about the state where it is delivered?

Maybe your practice will consider off-shore dental laboratories where labor is cheaper and the price per restoration or prosthesis is less? But, what about quality control? What materials do they use?

These are just a few of the issues the American dentist must consider.

Not easy is it?

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