Thursday, October 06, 2011

Heartland Dental Care Acquires Neibauer Dental Corporation With 26 Offices

The consolidation of corporate dental offices continues.
Heartland Dental Care, a leading dental services organization, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Neibauer Dental Corporation (NDC), a dental practice management company which manages 26 Neibauer Dental Care offices in the Virginia and Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C.  Chris Neibauer, DDS, the principal shareholder of NDC, will continue to serve as president of NDC which will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heartland Dental.

"The affiliation of Neibauer Dental Care represents a significant milestone for Heartland Dental Care as we expand our presence in the Middle Atlantic States," explained Richard E. Workman, DMD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Dental Care.  "Dr. Neibauer and his team have built an excellent organization with which we are proud to affiliate."

The affiliation, effective Friday, September 30, 2011, was excitedly announced by Dr. Neibauer to his company. "It is my pleasure to inform you that Neibauer Dental Care has officially become a member of the Heartland Dental Care family," said Dr. Neibauer.  "Although the complete transition will take some time, we are excited that the journey has now officially begun. I am confident with Heartland Dental Care we will continue serving our patients and growing our business. Additionally, I am excited about the even greater successes that are yet to come."
Dentistry due to the economic recession has been identified as a slow growing business sector.

I cannot help but think with the bankruptcy of Allcare Dental earlier in the year and now with some acquisitions by larger corporate interests, that Heartland Dental Care is getting a good price to expand their operations into states where they have not had a presence.

If Heartland remains profitable, I look for them to acquire more offices as more and more baby boom dentists retire and sell their offices.

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