Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oklahoma Fake Dentist Elizabeth Hinosa Surrenders

Elizabeth Hinosa accused of practicing dentistry without a license

Elizabeth Hinosa has surrendered to Oklahoma law enforcement.

Elizabeth Hinosa was silent as she skirted TV cameras at the Oklahoma County Courthouse Monday, according to a report from KFOR.

We asked, “Did you have any qualifications to do these procedures, at all?”

She gave no response.

Hinosa made a brief court appearance Monday afternoon on charges of practicing dentistry without a license, forgery and embezzlement.

She and her daughter, Monica Orozco, have been on the run since allegations surfaced they had botched dozens of major dental procedures.

Okla. Board of Dentistry Executive Director Susan Rogers said, “She started out slow, we believe, here and there and then she got bold.”

Authorities said Hinosa was using offices in Oklahoma City while the dentist was gone on maternity leave.

Believe it or not, investigators said she resurfaced at a practice in San Antonio where she was employed as a hygienist.

Rogers said, “Fortunately your show is on the internet. They pulled it up and said, ‘Oh my gosh.’”

Officials suspect Hinosa may have been raiding that clinic of instruments to start another illegal operation.

Rogers said, “We believe she had a large collection of instruments. She uses them at another location not related to the office she was doing work.”

We’re told a family member convinced the two to surrender.

They each posted a $20,000 bond and are awaiting additional charges.

This should be a wake up call to the State Boards of Dentistry on a national basis.

Isn't it time, in this internet age, for there to be a national dentistry practitioner register with photo identification and digital fingerprints?

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