Thursday, November 01, 2012

Kristen Uniforms: A Review

Kristen Uniforms

This past summer, yes, last summer, Kristen Uniforms sent me an e-mail offering me a chance to review one of their products - a set of scrubs. Initially, I was skeptical (pay to play or write, you know), but eventually I relented.

I figured that if I had the product given to a friend and asked them for their unbiased appraisal, then I could write this post honestly.

So, after a few e-mails, the folks at Kristen Uniforms who were very friendly, I was set to review this set of scrubs. The top is here and the bottoms here.

Here is my friend, Nancy, a nurse at a Los Angeles area hospital. She and I run together with the Los Angeles Roadrunners and the Los Angeles Running Club.

Here are Nancy's comments:

  • I like the stitching and design of them- have gotten compliments from co- workers. The style is modern.
  • They are soft and don't seem to wrinkle. I like the fabric.
  • I like how the top fits.
  • I also really like all the pockets and deep ones so things won't fall out.

Nancy is a very active nurse - she moves a lot during the day. I am positive that she is just as busy as any dental staff member.

So, if you need a good, practical, yet stylish, set of scrubs, these are the ones for you.

Thank you, Kristen Uniforms for the opportunity to review your product and Nancy thanks you as well.

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