Monday, November 26, 2012

Using Dental Floss is Worthless?

Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

Yes, according to a new book by dentist Dr. Ellie Phillips.

Many people hate going to the dentist. Sitting in the chair means seemingly endless prodding in your mouth, forcing to suffer through dentists' questions while they are poking into your mouth, and at the end of it all, a scolding because we do not floss enough.

However, a book called Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, argues that flossing may be a waste of time for dedicated adherents to the practice.

The book is written by Dr. Ellie Phillips, one of the first female dentists to train at Guy's Hospital London, an esteemed hospital where many well-reputed physicians have trained.

She says that flossing will do nothing to prevent tooth decay.

Instead, she says that people should use three types of mouthwash. Many people brush their teeth immediately after meals, which some experts say is bad, because food can soften teeth. The practice, she says, can lead to the wearing down of teeth.

In order to prevent that wear down, she recommends Ultradex, a mouthwash that contains chlorine dioxide and which some studies have shown wash away bacteria.

Then, after brushing, she recommends a regular mouthwash, like Listerine, to enhance cleaning. Afterwards, she says that brushers should follow it up with Fluorigard, which helps to fortify and fix teeth.

Yeah, Ok - maybe she has a point.

But, would I really trade a method of getting all of the gunk out of my teeth for rinsing with three different mouthrinses?

I know I wouldn't and none of my patients would.

It is a pain in the ass, to get out the Glide Floss and do it - but folks that want healthy teeth and gums have to invest a little bit of time - just like me.

So, while the good dentist makes some academic points and has developed a protocol, this is No panacea or the "MAGIC MOUTHWASH" that dentistry has anticipated for decades.

Go ahead and continue flossing - the teeth you want to keep.

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