Thursday, April 18, 2013

Will Oklahoma Dentist W. Scott Harrington Face Criminal Charges for Unsanitary Dental Practices?

Oral Surgeon Dr. W. Scott Harrington

More than 60 former patients of dentist Dr. W. Scott Harrington tested positive for hepatitis and HIV, the Tulsa Health Department said Thursday.

The department’s investigation of Harrington’s practice identified 57 former patients who test positive for hepatitis C, three people who test positive for hepatitis B and less than three people who tested positive for HIV.

“We understand these first reported test results may be of concern,” said THD Director Dr. Bruce Dart. “Thorough investigations are routinely conducted upon notification of a positive report for these infections. This response will be handled in the same manner, as disease investigation is a core public health service and staff are well trained to conduct this type of response.”

 Some time in an Oklahoma prison is warranted for this egregious gross negligence.

The case will grind on as more patients are screened and treated.

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