Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dentist/Dental Communications Sites

Dental Communication sites for the dentist/dental personnel and even dental patients are exploding upon the scene. Everyone desires a piece of the pie.

Here is a short list and links of some of my favorites (some are moderated and require registration):

Newsgroups: Sci.Med. Dentistry

Internet Dental Forum (for dentists only): Internet Dental forum

Dental Town (for dentists, dental staff, manufacturers):Dental Town

DentalCom: DentalCom

American Dental Association (for dentists only, requires membership): American Dental Association

Dental Economics (Non-interactive for now, but for all, dentists, hygienists): Dental Economics

Dental Products Reports et al:Dental Products.NET

There are more and this is just a sampling. Reviews of each will come.

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