Friday, December 24, 2004

My New Blog

As most of you will soon learn Justin Shafer and I had a difference of opinion as to how the site should be run.

He essentially capitulated to peeps at Dental Town who complained to him and began deleting posts of mine at the site.

Justin can have the site. I will no longer participate there.

Thus, the creation of this blog and the creation of a new dental bulletin board site soon.

Watch this blog in the meantime.



  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Do you have a copy of the thread that Howard Farran asked Justin to delete? As Howard Farran threatened to remove all of Justin's posts from Dentaltown if Justin did not remove the Cerec thread from, Justin was essentially forced to comply.

    At this point in Justin's career, I suspect that his business and livelihood depend much upon his contacts that he makes on these boards. Howard Farran pushed his weight around. Since Howard Farran was willing to compromise several of his patrons and Justin, as they rely on Justin for computer help and Justin relys on them for business, just to remove that Cerec thread....

    ...It makes some of us wonder just what was in that Cerec thread that Farran found so offensive?

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I don't get it - What exactly has been deleted?

  3. Two of my entire Subject Areas were deleted and selected photos in a number of other threads.

    But, let's move on and realize that Justin has the power to do with his site what he wishes. There is no journalistic integrity there, just like Dental Town.

  4. Justin Shafer posted this on

    I have some news for you guys. I told flap to take a hike.

    Here is what happened. He took some images from a DentalTown post and used Thoms and Sameers images.

    I dont have a problem with any dentists debating, but I kept getting PM's on DT asking me to remove their images that were posted on DC buy greg.

    Finally I decided to ask greg to use another image to illustrate his point.
    I did this because I dont think its right that I post on DentalTown, but allow someone to use images from DentalTown on this site. I try to agree to all the rules and not to make anyone unhappy, or cause further controversy. I personally dont know sameer, so I dont have a problem with him.
    I think we should respect peoples wants on a professional courtesy.

    Also, I dont want to loose my posts, or get banned, because I still have an interest posting on DT.

    If I was howard, and one of my members started their own site, and then started stealing images, I would ban him. I am not doing that, but pretty close since I allow it.

    I tried many other angles to get greg to change his mind. He told me he couldnt use another image. He told me that I should tell them "I am only in charge of the technical side, not editorial". He then told me maybe I should sell him the site and then he could pay me to work on it.

    I have done everything on this site, the only thing he did was create topics in the forum and it wasnt very hard for him to come up with the topic names. And he spammed some people.

    I liked greg until he put those images above my risk of loosing all 1400 posts.

    I can completly understand his need to make a point, but when I have put so much energy, time and so far all the cash, I think he should respect me enough to comprimise.

    For the record, I didnt like Flaps name in the topics. Nor did I like how it was not alphabetized. It went Announcements, 2 of Flaps threads, and then A,B,C, etc.

    I comprimised and let him have his way. All I have asked was him to use an image that wasnt from DT. He told me no.

    He told me I need to make some decisions on what I want to do. (Sell him the site, or live with what he is doing). He told me to do whats best and easiest for me. I told him whats easiest is he using someone elses images. "I am at risk and you should respect that"

    This site is in my name, the accounts is in my name, the domain is in my girlfriends. Who is at risk if DT wanted to take legal action just for fun? Me!

    I decided the easiest thing to do was to tell greg to take a hike.

    I wish I didnt feel like I had to. He changed the images after I changed the administrator passwords, etc. I forgive him, but I havent forgotten. I dont like that he would put me up to those type of options, after how much work I have put into the site.

    I hope you guys can understand my point of view. I love to see people debate, but I dont like people messaging me wanting me to help them out, and me feeling sincere in wanting to help them, all because someone cant find their own images to make a point. It doesnt seem very courteous either. Remember though, thats not why I removed them.

    I removed them because its not right for me to post on DT, and allow someone to steal images from their, and do nothing about it. When we signed up on DT we agreed to their agreement, and you should try to follow that agreement. Just like I hope you guys try to follow the one on this site.

    I am tired of DT vs DC meantality, and were not going to get that to happen buy taking images from DT. Lets use our own.

    Hopefully greg will comeback and maybe it will be cool again, but I am still pretty mad about him now wanting to comprimise.


    I did offer greg to buy the site, but I changed my mind.

  5. Well, Justin, is just not telling the truth.

    I have the PM's which I can post.

    However, at least for now, I prefer to move on.

  6. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Post them! Seems like the new currency is posts rather than $$$. Farran controls now.

  7. Well, Howard has Justin by the Cajones. is no longer an independnent site.

    I will post them later but I need to run this by my attorney first.

  8. Anonymous3:41 PM

    What could you possible get sued for?

  9. Nevermind! I will post the PM's later.

    Justin has posted more on Dentalcom and he is spinning the whole deal.

    I really want to move on but......

    The facts are that Howard got to Justin and if he deletes once , then twice and when the DT mob protests again, he will delete or edit again.

    He is afraid of losing his 1400 posts at Dental Town and his business contacts. So.... out goes the censorship pen.

  10. And the funny thing is:

    Justin has not deleted all of the photos (that the Dental Town folks requested he delete). Most of the photos continue to be embedded in various threads.

    This lock out of Flap appears more and more like a theft and internet land grab.

  11. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Were any of those pictures requested to be deleted about that jerk, I mean, Sameer?

  12. Yeppers....He requested or threatened Justin. Justin received quite a few e-mails and/or PM's from Sameer. But, you really should ask Justin over at DentalCom.

    Actually, someone sent me the photos via e-mail.

    I guess Howard should get rid of that little forward button on his bulletin board.

  13. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Can you post the photos here?

  14. Of course, all in good time!

  15. Anonymous8:11 PM

    For you, Sameer, you cerec pimp punk.

    /" |\./|
    | |
    | |
    | |
    /'\| |/'\..
    /~\| | | | | =[@]= | | | | | | | | ~ ~ ~ ~ |` )
    | /
    \ /
    \ /
    \ _____ /
    | (( +==)) |

  16. Anonymous8:12 PM

    It's supposed to be a middle finger.

  17. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Who gives a damn? Let them have it. It's all BS anyway - Farran owns dcom, too by the way. He has his hands down Justin's pants.

  18. Anonymous6:07 PM

  19. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Who gives a damn? Let them have it. It's all BS anyway - Farran owns dcom, too by the way. He has his hands down Justin's pants.

    Down his pants and holding on tight.

    DentalCom will never be what it was.