Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another Fluoridation Story Down Under

Western NSW dental health 'medieval'

A frustrated New South Wales doctor has labelled dental health in the west of his state as 'medieval'.

Dr Phillip Lambi wants the Walgett Council to fluoridate the town's water supply, after dental checks found 94 per cent of the town children had decay in their baby teeth.

He says this is triple the state average.

"Looking at the teeth; there's things like holes in teeth, rotting, missed teeth - I mean, it's really quite severe.

"I mean it is medieval.

"I'm not kidding; it is really quite significant.

"One reason that I'm personally keen on fluoridation is that I am literally fed-up of seeing people with really bad teeth that are infected, and just giving them antibiotics and painkillers and then telling them to go and try to find a dentist."

Now, if we can convince the anti-fluoride folks!

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