Tuesday, January 04, 2005

BBC NEWS | England | Devon | Foul-mouthed parrot back on board

BBC NEWS | England | Devon | Foul-mouthed parrot back on board

A swearing Royal Navy parrot has rejoined her shipmates on a warship after seven months ashore.

Sunny, an African Grey, had to leave Type-23 frigate HMS Lancaster while the vessel was undergoing a refit at Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth.

Sunny has now resumed her place in the wardroom among the officers.

Sunny first became famous in March when she met the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh during a visit to Portsmouth Naval base.

Volley of abuse

Her keeper, Lieutenant Mari Duffy, said: "With the return of Sunny, the parrot to HMS Lancaster, the ship's company now feels complete."

At the time, the ship's company was worried about her squawking expletives when meeting the Royal couple, but Sunny did not let them down and kept a civil tongue.

The warship's crew was concerned because, during a Middle East tour, Sunny let loose a string of four-letter words during a visit by navy top brass which was audible despite her being hidden in a broom cupboard.

Her volley of abuse was overheard by the fleet's Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Sir Alan West, but he ignored her and carried on briefing the crew in the mess.

Sunny's colourful language has become familiar aboard the frigate. Other phrases she also uses include: "You ain't seen me, right" and "Zulus, thousands of 'em".

HMS Lancaster is currently undergoing sea trials after completing a refit in Plymouth.

She is due to begin sea training in January next year and is scheduled to sail home to Portsmouth in March.

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