Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bloggers on the Radio - Los Angeles

Stay out of the rain and listen to the Hugh Hewitt show. Yesterday he fetured some well known bloggers as Patterico reports. I know since I listened to the show on radio KRLA AM 870, Los Angeles . There are additional sister radio stations all around SoCal....all on the Salem Radio network.....who by the way are a major donor to my son's former school (He is in college now) Oaks Christian School, Westlake Village.

Her is Patterico's take on the show:

Blogger Heaven on Hugh Hewitt

It's blogger heaven on Hugh Hewitt's radio program today. First came Bill from INDC Journal and Matthew Sheffield from RatherBiased.com, both of whom acquitted themselves quite well. I just heard Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. Coming up is John Hinderaker of Power Line. Great stuff.

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