Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Cerec 3D Bashing

From the internet and Dental Town:

On January 19, 2005 at 1:03:40 AM 'socalsam' posted....

One of the benchmarks that cerec bashers used to point to was how many used machines were for sale on the DT classifieds.

I did a search just now and there are 5 listings.

2 listings are for the same machine an older Cerec 2 that were listed about a month apart.
1 listing is for a cerec book.
1 listing is for a person that wants to buy a newer used machine.
1 listing is for a Cerec 3d.

Does this mean that the 3d is catching on and become more standard? The threads about how useless cerec is are fewer and fewer. There are more and more users around here that are sharing cases. The cerec discussions here are actually quite productive.

so what gives? what has changed? or am I just dreaming and there are a hundred mauty's and mark morris's waiting to bash the machine every chance they get??

Sameer, you should read the discussions on other dentist discussion forums besides Dental Town. These forums are not censored like Howard Farran's Dental Town and now Hygiene Town.

Dentists are neither bashing the Cerec technology or CAD-CAM nor are they hyping a very expensive technology that has little mainstream use. They are telling it like it is!

Subscribe to the Internet Dental Forum (IDF) and read the comments from every day wet-gloved dentists and their laboratory technicians.

The picture is not all rosey like you portray.

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