Monday, January 17, 2005

Cerec on DentalCom

Here is a patient testimonial on a Cerec crown restoration on

Bill Katz writes:

I can attest to this as a patient. I had a Cerec crown placed on #14 three years ago. I noticed a hairline crack on it after two years. Whether it was operator error, a faulty ceramic block, the vibration during the milling process causing minor fault cracks in the ceramic - or whatever - isn’t important to me. What is important to me is longevity and two years is TOTALLY unacceptable. Crowns aren’t cheap and they don’t come with a warranty per-se. I do have non Cerec crowns on two other teeth and they've never given me any problems. Having to pay for another Cerec on that tooth again made me have a change of heart and a change of dentists… Cad-Cam technology may be a wonderful thing but from now on I’ll stay away from Cerec.

Please understand that this opinion of Cerec has no professional value whatsoever. The only value it has, to me anyhow, is the quality of my healthcare.

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