Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Governor willing to change term limits

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said yesterday he was open to loosening the voter-approved term limits on state lawmakers, saying the mandatory short tenure is depriving the Legislature of experience and knowledge.

"We never really create someone that is an expert in anything in Sacramento," he said, "because before you become an expert you are out."

Some political analysts have suggested that lawmakers might look more favorably on Schwarzenegger's proposal to strip the Legislature's authority to redraw congressional and legislative district boundaries if he would seek a change in the 1990 initiative that limits lawmakers to six years in the Assembly and eight in the state Senate.

The governor indicated he might be amenable to that.

Daniel Weintraub of California Insider weighs in here.

The Democrats won't go for it anyway, Governator. They have safe districts now and 14 years in office is enough in any case.

Forget about it.......

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