Saturday, January 22, 2005

Importing Dentists!

The United Kingdom is having trouble finding dentists to service their socialist- government run National Health Service.

Sooooo... they are now importing dentists from Poland to meet their need:

Eight Polish dentists to join NHS

Eight dentists from Poland are being recruited to help treat more than 12,000 new NHS patients in Great Yarmouth over the next year.

About 63% of people are registered with NHS dentists in the town, but this is expected to rise to 83% by 2006/07, a primary care trust spokesperson said.

The recruitment would make it easier for people to get NHS care closer to home, the spokesperson added.

The new dentists are expected to start work in the Spring.

The recruitment is part of the Department of Health's drive to improve the availability of NHS dentistry. Patients who are not registered with a dentist and need urgent care can contact the emergency dental service.

Cannot believe this is a better life for the Polish dentists.... but who knows!

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