Thursday, January 06, 2005

Power Line: Congressional Democrats Disgrace Themselves

Power Line: Congressional Democrats Disgrace Themselves

Congress made President Bush's election official today, but not until after a two-hour delay caused by Senator Barbara Boxer's objection to certification of the Ohio vote. This was only the second time since 1877 that there had been such a challenge. In addition to Senator Boxer, 31 House Democrats voted to deny certification to the Ohio electors, thereby, in effect, voting to disenfranchise millions of Ohio voters.

Reuters reports:

They [Boxer and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones] said their goal was to force lawmakers to heed problems that had been particularly evident in Democratic-leaning minority and urban neighborhoods and to consider the need for more voting reforms including standard election rules in all states.

Thus the Democrats seek to perpetuate they myth that their votes somehow go uncounted, with the de facto result that all elections they lose are more or less illegitimate. The Democrats inside the Capitol were matched by demonstrators outside, who made the same arguments but in less polite language. Here are some of the protesters:

"Massive election day fraud" and "massive recount fraud" indeed. Today's Democrats have no respect for our country's insitutions or for democratic processes. Partisanship is all. Surely they must understand the damage they do to our institutions when they refuse to accept the basic principle of democracy: when you lose an election, the other guys get to govern.

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