Sunday, January 09, 2005

SacUnion Blog: Maturing Leadership

earlier said that Governor Schwarzenegger's "State of the State" address sounded as if State Senator Tom McClintock wrote the text; Daniel Weintraub believes the same.

Wednesday night, suddenly everything changed. It was if the flashy governor were channeling his straight-laced colleague. Schwarzenegger's speech sounded almost as if McClintock had written it.

"Maybe I should have copyrighted some of my ideas," McClintock said with a laugh when I asked him later about the resemblance.

This a very good sign.

My only concern about State Senator Tom McClintock becoming the Lt. Governor in 2006 is his relationship with the governor and its impact on the health and growth of the Republican Party.

(Yes, there still is the issue of his "electablity" in a liberal state like California; but that's another blog discussion)

If Governor Arnold can take content and direction from State Senator McClintock, and the State Senator can refuse the temptation to become an "Arnold Antagonist" when the governor decides to journey a slightly different path, then we have a winning combination come November of 2006.

Let's hope McClintock's support of Schwarzenegger's office, and Arnold's direction from McClintock's many years of diligence and knowledge...proves to be more evidence of a maturing party with maturing leadership for the good of the state.

The test will come soon.

Governor Schwarzenegger will NOT be able to accomplish every item from his SOS Address and 2005 state proposals, some are simply 'bargaining chips' for discussions inside of the special sessions.

If the Governor is successful with 50-65% of his proposals in the legislature and State Senator McClintock refuses to play the role of 'antagonist' during the discussions - then we have a future.

After 50-65% is accomplished the next 20-25% can be completed by the ballot through initiative.

The Governator and McClintock = Dynamic duo for California in 2006.

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