Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Sad State of Dentistry in the U.K

Singer bites back over tooth agony

By Rebecca Camber

A WOMAN has blasted NHS dental services in Manchester after she was so desperate for a dentist she had to stick her filling in with superglue.

Sonja Allen had to drive 130 miles back to her home in Peterborough to see an emergency dentist after being told that there was no NHS dentist available in Manchester to help her.

The 40-year-old singer and comedienne from Oakham, near Peterborough, had been visiting her family in Wythenshawe when a filling came out during a meal.

She was in so much pain that she called NHS Direct for help after her family's dentist refused to help because she wasn't registered with his practice.

Advisers at NHS Direct gave her numbers for the University Dental Hospital of Manchester, a dentist offering emergency treatment in Hulme and Boots dental services in Market Street.

But when she called the dental hospital at 9.30am she was told staff were too busy to see emergency patients after 9.15am.

Next she called the dentist in Hulme only to be told that no emergency patients would be seen after 10.30am.

Finally she turned to Boots , only to be told that dental services at the store were moving.

Sonja called NHS Direct again but there were no NHS dentists available in Manchester to treat her, so Sonja glued the filling back into her gum.

Now she has had to cut her break with her family short after having to drive home to go to an emergency dental access centre.

She said: "The filling came out when I bit into a piece of meat and it was so painful. I couldn't eat; I could barely speak - it went right up to the nerve.

"I find it incredible that there was not one NHS dentist in Manchester able to help me. I was so desperate, I was willing to pay but it seems that no private dentists were available either. I don't blame NHS Direct - it's the shocking state of dental services in Manchester."

A spokesman for NHS Direct said: "The information that we gave was correct. We did our best to find services available."

Their National Health Service is just BROKEN.

Get rid of the government control,and privitize the whole mess, then their care will improve.

When will these European Socialists ever learn that Socialism does not work!

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