Sunday, January 30, 2005

VW files charges over suicide-bomber ad

'Viral commercial' shows attacker getting his comeuppance

Volkswagen filed criminal charges yesterday over a professionally made commercial making rounds on the Internet that features a suicide car-bomber whose attack is stymied when he blows himself up while his VW Polo remains intact.

Commercial features suicide car-bomber stymied by 'tough' VW Polo.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Volkswagen and its advertising agency DDB London claim the so-called viral ad is unauthorized.

Company spokesman Hartwig von Sass said yesterday VW lodged a criminal complaint with prosecutors in Brunswick, Germany, but did not specify a perpetrator, according to Reuters.

"This is an attack on Volkswagen's good name," he said of the ad.

The ad is very clever..... a lawsuit.... Nopers!

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