Friday, January 07, 2005

York: Monstrous problem for American worker - Holbrook Sun - Opinion & Letters

The American worker is currently being squeezed financially because of the outsourcing of millions of U.S. jobs overseas by greedy companies and the influx of millions of illegal aliens dashing across our borders, unchecked. President George Bush says "don't worry, illegal aliens are not a problem because they will only take those jobs Americans don't want." In several discussions on the subject, he repeated the above statement many times in case Americans didn't get it the first time. Well, we get it, Mr. President. It has everything to do with the minimum wage and companies eager to hire cheap labor at less than what the law allows. The same companies are not about to part with any fringe benefits either This situation clearly undermines the American worker by creating an atmosphere of lower paying jobs. Why hire an American when a company is allowed to hire an illegal alien at half the cost with no benefits?

This contentious endorsement by President Bush will create a monstrous problem for American workers in other areas. The tax payer can no longer afford to subsidize these illegal aliens. There is not enough affordable housing for poor Americans let alone illegal aliens who have to live somewhere. Health care is another huge problem for the U.S. working poor and their families. Does the administration intend to increase funding for Medicaid to cover the health concerns of illegal aliens? I think not.

A news item on cable T.V. reported that recently the governors of most states have banded together to protest the intent of the government to decrease funding for health care costs. The aim is to shift the burden of those health care costs to the individual states. This move is intended to relieve some of the skyrocketing deficit caused by the Bush presidency.

And by the way, allowing illegal aliens to procure driver's licenses so that they may travel to work is still part of the 9-11 bill passed into law recently. Did Americans sit through a veritable rainbow of terrorists alerts from Home Security for nothing? Remember, those foreigners who brought down the World Trade Center? They had a total of 63 driver's licenses among their effects.

In closing, this administration's first and only loyalty should be to it's citizens, to ensure that the American worker receives a fair day's pay for a fair day's work and that full employment is available to all Americans looking for decent jobs, not to encourage the outsourcing of millions of U.S. jobs to foreign workers overseas in order to benefit their standards of living. The American worker is a national treasure, to be nurtured and protected at any cost) and if not it will surely cost America its soul.

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