Monday, February 14, 2005

Australian Fluoride Studies

There is an interesting fluoride study coming out of Australia:

Relative effects of pre- and post-eruption water fluoride on caries experience by surface type of permanent first molars.

OBJECTIVES: To determine the relative pre- and post-eruption exposure effects of fluoridated water on the caries experience of different surface types of first permanent molars. METHODS: Parental questionnaires covering residential history of participants were linked to the oral examinations of 6-15-year-old Australian children conducted in 1992 by the School Dental Services of South Australia and Queensland. Percentage of lifetime exposed to optimally fluoridated water pre- (PRE) and post-eruption (POST) was calculated with respect to tooth eruption age. Combined pre- and post-eruption categories were created to test PRE against POST exposure: PRE and POST = 0, PRE < pre =" POST"> POST and, PRE and POST >or= 90% lifetime exposure. These categories were used as indicator variables in linear regression models with PRE and POST = 0 as reference in an analysis of first permanent molar DMFS scores overall and by surface type. RESULTS: Participation rates were 69.7% in South Australia (n = 9690) and 55.6% in Queensland (n = 10 195). Compared with the reference, the categories PRE > POST (beta = -0.033), PRE = POST (beta = -0.028) in the range 0-90% and, PRE and POST >or= 90% (beta = -0.055) showed significantly lower caries overall (P < beta =" -0.035," beta =" -0.038;" beta =" -0.023;" p =" 0.03)." style="color: rgb(255, 102, 0); font-weight: bold;">The study concludes fluoride often and early (pre-eruption) to prevent caries!

Now if we can only see the children earlier! Recommended age = 1 year old!

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