Sunday, February 27, 2005

British Blogs

For my friends in the United Kingdom and the Colonies (just kidding) Tim Worstall has a good list of British Blogs:

BritBlog Roundup Number 2

Here’s week two of the BritBlog Roundup. Week 1 and the rules are here. Anything from a resident or citizen of (wherever resident) these Isles is eligible. Twenty two entries this week, a few extra picks from me and all done in between the various rugby matches.

Please do send in entries for next week to britblog AT gmail DOT com, and yes, I would like entries that disagree with my cherished beliefs. Any subject matter, just whatever you think is worth showcasing to others. Most especially if you’ve come across something from someone else that you think we all ought to know about.

The Observer has started a blog, will be interesting to see how that turns out. Will it actually be a blog or simply an extension of the newspaper?

The Book Club Blog tries to get to the bottom of the Belle De Jour "who she?" question.

Paul Coletti answers the age old you get more if you’re famous? (more, err, well, you know).

Andrew Dodge actually went and did some real research, proper reporting (hear that bloggers? We’ve got work to do) in the aftermath of the Hunting Ban.

Giles is running a competition to rename Ken Livingstone, apparently simple swearwords are not enough.

Jesurgislac follows up on the Eason Jordan story...asking an interesting question, not about what Jordan said or did, but just who has been killed and by whom?

England Expects brings us another little nugget from the centre of the swamp, Brussels (a declaration of interest here, he gave me a job once), on the way in which Irish TDs (like an MP for those who don’t know) refused to meet with MEPs, as one of them was a Sinn Feinner.

Anglo Saxon Chronicles actually nominates one of my posts, on the confusion the Prime Minister seems to be showing over what his real job is. That’s extremely kind but will not happen again. My posts are banned from being nominated...after all, I’ve already read them and part of the purpose here is to point me (and of course others) to things I haven’t yet seen. As a second choice he recommends RoomTwelve’s meditations on smoking bans. (That’s the spirit! nominate things from other people’s blogs!)

Little Red Blogger has angry words for those who contract services out and thus increase infection rates in hospitals. (See, I really do mean it, all economic and political views are included in this roundup. It’s only the rest of the week that this blog is part of the VRWC.)

Attempting Escape gives us his views on yet another manifestation of class bias in University application processes.

Jon Barnard, (who is RoomTwelve up above) also nominates someone other than himself, a masterly Irish blog called Twenty Major. This one post alone, on a commemoration of the Titanic (yes, by towing an iceberg into Belfast Harbour) should earn him a place on many blogrolls. Certainly mine, after I’ve got through this.

Gareth at the CEP sends in something from John at The England Project...applying the current logic of regional assemblies to the EU Constitution. He also wants Neil Herron (one of the few who have actually used this blogging thing to make a real difference to UK politics) to have a mention, so here it is.

Blimpish has a detailed look at Lib Dem proposals for the low cost housing market. Not impressed.

Blood and Treasure tells us about Tamurlaine’s hangovers. Yes, really. And an empire named after a piece of furniture.

Blognor Regis points to a James Hamilton piece on James Bartholomew’s book, The Welfare State We’re In, with commentary on the commentary from the author himself. OK, parse that sentence then.

Clive Davis (this I like. A journalist for the MSM entering blog roundups?) has a very good piece on David Irving, that libel trial and the similarities with Michael Moore.

Nick Barlow of that Ilk offers us his examination of Christian Voice..and is witty, thorough and complete while doing so. Better investigative work than half the Sunday Times there.

Liberal England explains Darwin to us.

Norm of that Blog sends in his piece on a flawed system, talking about the Iraq War and the International Legal System. I’m not quite sure whether to decribe this as a stiletto aimed at the heart of the anti-war left or a cavalry sabre slashing through the presumptions of’ll like it though, you’ll like when Norm gets angry.

Blithering Bunny (having spent most of yesterday evening setting up spoofs of my site...we’ve said before about how you should not drive a computer while drunk) offers Whistle Schoenberg While You Work.

Laban Tall suggest visiting Mark Humphrys, an idea I heartily endorse. Not really organised like a blog, he tends to update certain subjects rather than working specifically chronologically like the rest of us. His views on politics and economics seem almost identical to my own, it’s always nice to find that someone as obviously intelligent as he shares the same Bayesian priors.

Iain Murray is back at The Edge of England’s Sword, very angry indeed over changes being made at Oxford University. We have also, through the grapevine, heard some very fun gossip about Iain in Brussels last weekend...even the Press Officer couldn’t remember whether it was 3 or 4 am when the party broke up. As these people are chosen on the strength of their livers that takes some doing.

A from L has much good writing, start with this post and scroll.

A Welsh View points me to lynne ydw i, and an excellent description of the varied natives of these isles, a must read primer for non Brits.

The Yorkshire Ranter is good as always, here on using spyware manufacturers to help the Department of Homeland Security.

Stumbling and Mumbling (one of the best economics blogs around IMHO) doesn’t like the minimum wage.

The Italian Version,(he’s Italian but living in England, thus eligible) entirely new to me, gives a perfect description of the recycling process for plastic bottles and shows why it is not, as often assumed, a good idea. A must read for anyone interested in either economics or the environment.

And a blog that’s a real keeper. The Law West of Ealing Broadway, written by a magistrate and quite excellent. No specific post, just keep scrolling.

OK, that’s it, this week’s roundup. Entries for next week to britblog AT gmail DOT com please. I’m late for the rugby, so Toodle Pip and see you next week.

Thanks Tim and we all will be sure to check these blogs out.

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