Sunday, February 06, 2005

Conservatives Will Bring NHS Dentistry Back To The High Street

Saturday, February 05 2005 @ 05:24 AM

Conservative Shadow Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, has set out the Conservative dentistry policy.

This includes plans to increase the number of dentists and professionals complementary to dentistry, exempt over-75s from charges and extending exemptions for children up until to the age 21 for those who follow good oral health promotion, as well as giving non exempt adults the option for a voluntary low-cost monthly payment scheme as an alternative to pay as you go.

Speaking to about the policy, Mr Lansley said: "Five years ago Mr Blair promised everyone would have access to an NHS dentist within two years.

But this was all talk. Today, fewer people are registered with an NHS dentist than 7 years ago."

He added: "The Conservatives' policy will bring NHS dentists back to the high street. It offers patients access to their dentist either free of all charges or on an affordable basis.

It gives dentists a solid incentive to offer NHS dentistry geared to preventative programmes for good oral health."

I would have thought the United Kingdom Conservatives would have recommended individual health accounts or more private dentists to support competition!

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